The Serve 2 Unite curricula is a proven means of establishing a healthy sense of identity, purpose, and belonging by engaging in solution-based problem solving, global connection, service learning, and artistic expression. Because the program is based in culturally responsive practices, we encourage students to take on the role of educators, and educators to take on the role of students. This allows a relationship of mutual learning that goes far beyond the classroom.




Because we care about the social-emotional health of our students.



Because we exist in an interdependent global community.



Because service is the universal language of love.



Because art is an evidenced-based solution to trauma.


Because diversity is our greatest strength, and students engage much better from an asset-based, student-driven learning approach that embraces their native language, experience, and culture.


This curriculum is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license, which means you are free to use it as you like, even for commercial purposes, as long as the content is attributed to Serve 2 Unite, 1345 N Jefferson St, Ste 260, Milwaukee, WI 53202. Any use/reuse of this curriculum must include the URLs and


Upon use of this material, the user agrees that Serve 2 Unite, Inc. and its principals are not liable for any damages that may occur in the process of using the curriculum. Service learning projects are intended to be supervised/facilitated by appropriately trained/licensed educators/facilitators. Mental health professionals should always be consulted before engaging in work with experienced trauma. Use of this content is not a substitute for seeking mental health guidance from a professional, and is not meant as any sort of emergency response.


Clayton ​tells the story of a very difficult time in his life.


He was being abused at home, and bullied at school. He felt like nobody cared about him and was utterly alone.

Building Community

In this project, students will read sections from the Migration Issue Brief concerning why migration happens and the economic and cultural effects of migration.

Damascus Gate

To welcome and support the Syrian refugees who are the heart and soul of the restaurant, 30 Serve 2 Unite students from Mt Horeb High School in rural Wisconsin travel two hours each way to enjoy a lunch of Syrian fare at Damascus Gate.

Toolkit: DYADS

A  two-person mindful storytelling and listening exercise.

Meeting The Enemy

Though Martin Luther King Jnr said that “love is the only force capable of turning an enemy into a friend”, can Deeyah find it within her to try and befriend the fascists she meets?


Fællesspisning​: A traditional Danish meal served for the community to create a place where people can make new friends while sharing delicious food together. ​


Heval ​​tells the story of how his refugee family came to the United States, and what he learned along the way.