Hashim realized that forgiving the shooter was the easy part...

As an angry teenager growing up in Brooklyn, Hashim Garrett was set up to be killed by his own gang. Narrowly surviving being shot 6 times point-blank, he was paralyzed from the waist down and consumed with revenge. But his mother's wisdom and guidance towards forgiveness rescued him from the cycle of hate and violence.

In the midst of coming to terms with the consequences of his poor decisions, Hashim realized that forgiving the shooter was the easy part. Forgiving himself would be the greatest challenge.

From this place of forgiveness, Hashim was able to form a new perspective on life and come to understand his paralysis as a blessing rather than a curse. While being rehabilitated in the hospital, he began to explore spirituality, which gave profound insight on how he could live the rest of his life.

Today Hashim travels all over the world, giving motivational speeches at schools from kindergartens to universities. As he inspires young people with his story, he draws inspiration from hearing theirs. He empowers them to persevere through difficult situations, revealing the keys to resilience and happiness.

The unique gift of serving others stems from his wounds, allowing him to make a positive difference in the world.

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